4 ingredient in vita perfect as  SwordandShield

Bee Pollen powder ex.200mg          (eq. to 600 mg bee pollen)

Bee Propolispowder ex. 150 mg       ( eq. to 300 mg bee propolis )

Wheat germ oil 200 mg

Dry yeastex,13.33 mg                   (eq. to 100 mg yeast powder)

Vita perfect with unique formula features an incredible array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes. It delivers the benefits of B vitamins, antioxidants and flavonoids. This highly digestible, super-nutritious dietary supplement is an excellent way to boost your energy levels.

Vita perfect fights aging and free-radical, promotes health by improving blood circulation and it improves the immune- nervous system.

Vita perfect contains all the known essential nutrients needed to maintain life and which you may be missing due to poor nutrition in modern foods.

Vita perfect reduce symptoms and improve healing:

High cholesterol - Heart disease - High blood pressureDiabetes - Liver diseaseDigestionAnemiaDiarrhea - Spleen and stomach problems


Vita perfect useful for :

Prostate health - Brain health - Hormonal health - Hair growth - Weight Loss

Vita perfect  soft gelatin capsule with highly safety profile

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