Ethical Responsibility

  • Improving health is one of the toughest challenges facing the world today.
  • We are committed to creating a strong ethical culture. We do this by developing strong policies, recruiting the right people and equipping them with tools to make ethical decisions. Our regional marketing codes ensure we demonstrate high ethical conduct when marketing our products to doctors, hospitals and governments.

Responsibility Environment

We are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and our products across their lifecycle.


Business Ethics

  • It takes effort to uphold our core values and deliver on our promises of ethical conduct to patients and other stakeholders. To make this happen, we place high importance on communicating our Code of Conduct and other policies to employees and ensuring they understand how to apply these in their day-to-day work.
  • We employ the highest possible ethical standards in all of our business practices and activities.
  • We believe that our patients and customers need to trust us and our products. They expect us to do business responsibly and ethically. We have one primary goal: to improve the lives of people coping with serious disease. Getting there requires the coordinated efforts of many business areas, each with its own focus.


Our strategy in business


  • Everything we do and every decision we make has the patient at its core. We are changing lives.
    We provide high quality treatments to reach our customer satisfaction all over the world.
  • HPG Plans To expand our business and achieve long-term growth. We focus our acquisition activities on new products.
  • Our business is built on science and this research heritage contributes to the development of our Consumer Healthcare products, giving us a unique advantage over our competition.
  • HPG business strategy is based on innovation and our main source of innovation is our employees. We motivate, develop and retain our talented employees to help them perform at high levels to our continuous success, as we aim to have employee of choice.

At the heart of everything we do are people.

  • We have a clear mission, focused strategy and strong culture, all of which we expect will support the creation of value over the long term for our company, our shareholders and society.


Marketing Strategy              

  • Our Marketing Department does understand the needs of the customers and leaves no stone unturned to satisfy those needs in a professional way.
  • The Marketing Department is committed to the continuous training of its staff, since we believe that "Growth is Development and Knowledge is Power". To achieve HPG's ambitious sales growth and world market penetration.
  • Our customers are first and foremost the people who use our products and services. Equally important are healthcare professionals who prescribe our products, payers and policy makers.
  • A rigorous review process ensures that all promotional materials, messages and presentations comply with internal policies and meet legal, medical and regulatory requirements. Such materials must be approved by a Promotion and Advertising Review Committee. Marketing activities with health care professionals must convey full and substantiated information about the side effects and the safety profile of medicines.
  • Being flexible in our pricing can help to build our business in emerging markets by increasing the overall volume of products we sell.
  • It is important that these intermediaries, doctors in particular, fully understand the range of options for treatment available to them, and also fully understand the risks and benefits of each treatment. Patients should similarly be informed about treatment choices so they are better equipped to engage in discussions with their doctors and know how to use products safely and effectively.