Quality Policy

  • HPG Q.M.S. is the way to keep our Quality up. This goal is achieved only by building, developing, producing and delivering high-quality medicines and cosmetics and Medical supplies Confirmation of our success based upon the testimony of our customers, shareholders, regulators, business partners, and employees during:
  • HPG business is conducted in compliance with applicable quality regulations, codes and standards.
  • Quality of the performance of our employees.

"Our strength is our people who are focused to achieve our goals by the way of monitoring of our activities as per as the international guidelines by the appreciate system continuous Process Development & Packed by extensive Research activities.   

  • Quality of our performance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure our standards of conduct. 
  • Quality of the services we provide.
  • Quality including Raw materials, Safety, Product Integrity, Materials Use, Manufacturing, R&D and Design, packaging materials and other specific materials purchasing process.

Business transactions must be conducted with the best interests of HPG in mind. Business entertainment to government officials, if permitted, must be in compliance with HPG general business expense policy and with the rules and regulations of the government agency or legislative body concerned.

 HPG expects its employees to protect health, safety and the environment, to obtain all required permits and to operate its facilities in strict accordance with the relevant laws.